Book 3 - Imperatrix

Lysandra is back and she's going to war!

In the dirt of the Flavian Amphitheatre, known to history as the Coliseum, lies the bloodied body of Spartan priestess, Lysandra, cut down by Rome's adored Gladiatrix Prima, the beautiful and deadly Illeana, the Midnight Falcon. At the edge of the underworld, the goddess Athene offers Lysandra's spirit a stark choice: reside eternally amid the fields of Elysium or return to a life full of pain and sorrow but that will secure Lysandra a glorious place in legend for generations to come.

And now it seems that Lysandra's destiny also lies to the east, and the prospect of a final and bloody reckoning with an old and hated adversary. Lysandra is back and she's going to war! The third adventure in this visceral series inspired by the famous Gladiatrix stele found near Halicarnassus in the 19th century. Sequel to Gladiatrix and Roma Victrix.

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"Page-turning, bloody, brilliant."

- Ben Kane

"The long awaited third book in the Gladiatrix series is everything Lysandra fans could wish for! Imperatrix delivers a new perspective of the stoic spartan and her associates which is refreshing and sure to thrill any reader of roman or greek history. Each character is superbly presented and every page leaves you greedy for more. Tears of joy chuckles aplenty and heartrending despair all make Imperatrix a thumping good read!" reviewer